About Professional Development Workshop (PDW)

PDW: training for working artists

‘PDW opens up windows to my workflow. I discovered a lot of potentials in both my creating process and performing situation.’ – 2014/15 PDW participant

About Professional Development Workshop

CMHK’s Professional Development Workshop (PDW) provides training in technology for artists working with sound. The ultimate goal of these programs are the reinvigoration of practices through the creation and implementation of new tools. Our workshops are offered free-of-charge, participant-centric and practice-driven, and focuses on computing and engineering.

Our PDW had a modest beginning in 2012, when we initiated a series of workshops for working sound artists in Arduino, an open-source hardware platform for interactive applications. Since that time, the format of our PDW had gone through several revisions, moving away from an education-for-all model, and in favour of custom-designed training programs for a small group of artists, focusing on solving very specific issues encountered in their workflow.

Today, our PDW program is closely-linked to our technologist-in-residence initiative, which combines education with the research and development of new tools.

How to apply

PDW typically calls for participants in September and October, for workshops in the following spring and summer. Please watch this space for future call for applications.

Past PDW instructors

2013-2014 Morgan Aasdam, Samson Young
2014-2015 Wang Changcun, Samson Young, Eric Wong
2015-2017 Wang Changcun (as technologist-in-residence)