About Sonic Anchor

Sonic Anchor: Hong Kong’s homebase for sonic experiments since 2012

Sonic Anchor is, first and foremost, a playground for musical and sonic experiments. We encourage artists to challenge themselves, to venture out of their comfort zone, and to try new working methods.

About Sonic Anchor

Sonic Anchor is an experimental music and sound art concert series jointly presented by CMHK and the Hong Kong Arts Centre. Sonic Anchor advocates, encourages and cultivates experiments in sound and music. Taking full advantage of the intimate setting of the McAulay Studio, Sonic Anchor brings curious audience and adventurous artists together, to enter into a conversation of mutual discovery and respect.

Sonic Anchor’s Vision

Sonic Anchor is a playground for musical and sonic experiments. The presentation format of Sonic Anchor concerts are carefully designed to activate conversations and meaningful exchanges between artists and the audience, and to create opportunities for artists to reflect upon their own practices. Each Sonic Anchor performance is typically no longer than 60 minutes in duration, and is always followed by up to 30 minutes of curator-moderated dialogue. To extend this dialogue outside of the theatre, in the aftermath of an event a concert review will be published.

Highlighting artists from Hong Kong and the Greater China Region

Sonic Anchor prides itself for being a regular platform for artists working in Hong Kong, and for being a reliable outlet for audience interested in being exposed to experimental sonic practices. Our bi-monthly series at the Hong Kong Arts Centre focuses on two aspects: (1) the presentation of improvisation or new commissions by Hong Kong artists, and (2) the premiere of historically important compositions or sound art experiments that are rarely or never-before heard in Hong Kong. Since 2011 Sonic Anchor had witnessed the emergence of a whole generation of younger sound artists (Lam Lai, Alex Yiu, Tsang Sin Yu, Jasper Fung, Wong Chun Hoi, Vanissa Law, Vvzela Kook and Andio Lai, to name just a few), and had regularly featured iconic figures in sound art from the Greater China Region including Wang Changcun (Hangzhou), Xu Cheng (Shanghai), Yinyi (Shanghai), Dino (Taiwan), HH (Taiwan), Zhang You-Sheng (Taiwan), and Dawang Huang (Taiwan), among others.

Sonic Anchor is co-presented by the Hong Kong Arts Centre.