Phill Niblock & Liberovskaya in Hong Kong

Intermedia Concert: Live A/V Mix and The Movement of People Working
實時聲影混合  跨媒體演出


Date & time 日期及時間: 1/11/2015 (Sun 日) | 8pm
Venue 地點: VIP Room, G/F, HKICC Lee Shau Kee School of Creativity 香港兆基創意書院 地下貴賓室
Artists 藝術家: Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya
Ticket 票價:Pay What You Want 入場前隨意付款

Phill Niblock: composer, sound artist, director, and curator of Experimental Intermedia NYC and Gent, Belgium. As a pivotal figure and pioneer in New York’s experimental music scene, Niblick has hosted since the early 70s over 1000 concerts out of his legendary loft space in SOHO. Niblock considers himself a minimalist. His music is constructed not with rhythm or melody, but with layers of profuse microtones. One experiences his music as lush textures of slow momentum and imperceptible change.

In the first part of this concert Niblock is going to improvise with field recordings alongside Canadian intermedia artist Katherine Liberovskaya, a frequent Niblock collaborator, who will be live-mixing video clips from a personal video database that she has accumulated over the past twenty years. Involved in experimental video and media since the 80s, Liberovskaya has produced numerous videos, video installations and performances shown all over the world. Since 2001 her work predominantly focuses on collaborations with composers and sound artists often in live video+sound performance, notably with Niblock.

The evening will conclude with Niblock’s epic music-visual concert presentation The Movement of People Working. This monumental work features his music, here pieces composed in the last two years, and in this concert rare film footage of Chinese labourers at-work, captured during several visits to China between 1987 and 1989.

Phill Niblock – 作曲家,聲音藝術家及電影製作人,身兼設於紐約和比利時根特的藝術機構Experimental Intermedia的策劃人。自70年代起,Phill Niblock在其蘇荷區(SOHO)的工作室,迄今策展超過一千場現代音樂會,是推動紐約實驗音樂發展的靈魂人物。Phill Niblock崇尚簡約主義,他的作品不使用旋律或節奏,反而透過大量使用微分音來達到他緩慢及極細徵的簡約音樂風格。他早期的作品多為電子音樂,織體厚密,有時涉及多達40軌道。

影像及媒體藝術家Katherine Liberovskaya與Phill Niblock的聯合即興作品會為演出揭開序幕,兩人一直合作無間,這次演出會利用現場混音演出,配合Katherine Liberovskaya利用她收集了二十年的影像庫進行現場混影。Katherine Liberovskaya自80年代涉獵實驗影像及媒體創作,她曾發表無數影像作品及影像裝置,並多次巡演,作品遍佈世界各地。自2001年起,她主要與作曲家及聲音藝術家合作,進行多場影像與聲音兩者合一的演出,當中與Phill Niblock的合作最為密切。

是晚演出將會以Phill Niblock的著名視聽史詩The Movement of People Working作結。這個標誌性的作品由他近兩年音樂創作精髓所組成,更會呈現Phill Nilblock在1987年至1989年多次訪問中國所捕捉的罕有中國勞工影像片段。

Learn more about Phill Niblock and his work “The Movement of People Working.”

>> Pre-concert lecture 音樂會前座談 <<<

Date & time 日期及時間 : 1/11/2015 (Sun 日), 7:00-7:30pm
Moderator 主持: Yeung Yang 楊陽
Guest speakers 嘉賓講者: Phill Niblock and Katherine Liberovskaya
[Conducted in English 英語主講]

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