Our Mission and Vision

Mission Statement

Founded in 2007, CMHK (Contemporary Musiking Hong Kong) is devoted to the promotion and production of contemporary sonic and musical practices in Hong Kong. CMHK’s vision is twofold: (1) to create a forward-looking support structure and a community of practice that is for the artists; and (2) to reinvigorate the practices of musicians by investing in the research & development of innovative tools and technologies.

Two Visions

1. A Community of Common Practice for the Artists

CMHK sees the unchallenged disciplinary divisions between sound and other forms of art as hindrances and limitations. CMHK brings sound artists, visual artists working in sound, conceptual artists, classical musicians, and practitioners of musical subcultures under one roof, to encourage cross-disciplinary discussions and to cultivate a cross-disciplinary audience. CMHK connects Hong Kong artists and musicians with their counterparts in neighboring cities. The goal here is not only to promote and publicize, but also to create a community of common practices for artists.

2. A Laboratory for Musical Innovations in the Age of Technological Convergence

CMHK is devoted to addressing the new technological, artistic and cross-disciplinary demands placed upon composers, musicians and sound artists in the digital age. The arbitrary divide of the arts and the sciences, and the narrow vision of our musical educational model remain a major hindrance. In light of this, CMHK will (1) invest in the research and development of software, hardware and other technologies that respond to the needs of musicians and sound artists in Hong Kong; (2) provide professional educational opportunities in technological integration for mid-career and working artists.

Five Core Objectives

  1. Advocate cross disciplinary thinking in sound and music;
  2. Encourage experimentation in the use of new media and interactive technology in sound, music and other performing art forms;
  3. Assist in composers’ and sound artists’ early-to-mid career development;
  4. Create a cross-disciplinary community of common practice;
  5. Promote and expand the reach of the work of Hong Kong-based sound artists.